FAQs Regarding Moving Process

FAQs Regarding Moving Process

What is the best schedule for my move?

Some moving companies are extremely busy, so your move should be scheduled well in advance of the moving date. You’ll also probably have to make a deposit to reserve the move date, and make sure the movers and packers will be available on that date.

What day of the week is best for my move?

Ask your moving company which days are best for them to make the move. Some days carry a bigger price tag, and it may change from month to month, so ask which days are cheaper for your move.

Will a moving company ship my car, too?

Your mover may or may not ship your car. If they don’t offer those services, you can find an auto transport company that will.

Can I get movers that will pack and unpack my things?

Yes. Most home movers offer packing and unpacking services. When you get your moving quotes ask that this additional fee is included. Other services also include disassembly and reassembly, transport, loading and unloading, and removal of debris are all services that should be included on your moving quotes. Your fee will take into consideration the amount of time needed to perform the job, and how much room your shipment uses in the moving truck.

What payment options do home movers accept?

You can make your payment arrangements at the time you reserve your moving date. Most movers and packers accept money orders, credit cards, and cashiers’ checks. Once the move is complete, your money order or cashiers’ check will be collected. If you use a credit card, it will probably be charged while your belongings are in transit.

Do I have to make a deposit with the moving company?

While most movers don’t require a deposit, they will ask for a credit card to secure the move. Cancellations are probably ok, as long as they happen well before 2 or 3 weeks before the move date. Be very sure to study your contract so that you’re familiar with the moving company’s policy about cancellation or date changes.

What do I do about damage and loss?

Make sure your moving company is insured and bonded. If your mover is insured, find out what his specific policy is. Usually, a moving company offers an option for additional insurance for moving. They usually charge by the pound. If you chose to do your own work, rather than hiring movers and packers, they will not take responsibility for any damage that occurs.

What is a BOL, or Bill of Lading?

You’ll have a contract between the moving company and you for the transport of your belongings. The receipt issued by the moving company is your proof of ownership. It is your evidence that the items belong to you, should there be any confusion.

What if I choose to move my things into storage?

Most moving companies offer moving and storage services for their customers. They will take your shipment to the storage building and load or unload for you. You must, however, check to make sure the storage facility will allow a moving truck access to the storage yard.

How long does it take for my things to arrive?

There are many variables that affect the promptness of your delivery. The local movers will have to face distance, location accessibility, and weather conditions, but should be accomplished the same day they pick up your shipment. If you’ve hired long distance movers for an interstate move, these problems will be compounded. Moving across the country will take, easily, over a week. If you request it, your moving company will guarantee a date for delivery. Check with your mover to be sure.

How do I find out what services my moving company provides?

Your moving company may be part of a larger chain that can provide you with free moving quotes. You may not even actually be dealing with a moving company, but with a moving service that arranges the move for you. You’ll fill out the information at the office, and the affiliated moving companies will send you quotes, and information pertinent to their services.

How should I choose a moving company?

You should always request references from any moving company you plan to do business with. Do an internet search, too, and try to find as much information as you can about the moving company. You should get at least 3 quotes before you sign a contract

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